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This is a post from SAMFANS and it is rather sad even though it seems to turn out okay. Thank you Jay for allowing this to be posted here.


If you remember, we recently posted about a home available in Kentucky. I know the couple would not want publicity, so I will avoid any reference regarding occupation and names. Also, I am not a very good writer, so please try and tolerate the roughness in my attempt to relate this story.

A call from a rescue group in Los Angeles reported that a Samoyed was to be put to sleep if a home was not found immediately. The rescue source had visited the animal on a frequent basis, and had formed a special bond with him (although the source was not able to adopt his "friend"). Our Kentucky home decided to spend the money for a plane ticket, sight unseen.

This Samoyed (I will refer to him as "Lucky"), had been raised in the worst area of Los Angeles. When he arrived, it was evident that both front legs had been broken in the past, and had not healed properly. Lucky could not negotiate stairs very well because of his legs, and to complicate things even further, he is slightly dysplastic. Lucky has apparently had a severe ear infection (both ears) since puppyhood. You can't touch his head without causing pain (near the ears). Even so, our couple fell in love with him the moment he stepped out of his crate.

Lucky hates cats, so he does not fit in. He misses his friend, and constantly looks for him. Lucky does not understand what has happened, but it is clear he does not belong where he is now. Our couple has seen how much he misses his friend, and for Lucky's sake, have decided to help.

Most people would have been angry or upset about the $700 airplane ticket. Not this couple! Their love for Lucky was more important than their own desire. They called the person in California, and asked him if he would like to have Lucky back, in good health. He was overjoyed, and of course said yes.

These kind people are now in the process of bringing Lucky back to health. His ears will require an operation. So will his legs. The Veterinarians we (Karay) use right here in Ohio have been recommended to correct the dysplacia. We will monitor Lucky when he arrives. Once all this has taken place, he will be flown back to the arms of a waiting friend.

With the THOUSANDS of dollars this act of kindness will cost the Kentucky couple, you would think they might be angry or want nothing to do with rescue again. Granted, the person who reported the condition should have been honest..... sight unseen makes it too easy to end up with a real problem, and it seems that a Sam is nearly always described as beautiful, alert, and healthy (even if it is in terrible shape). But here is the shocking part: THEY STILL WANT A SAM, and they want it from rescue!!!!!

I spoke with them on the telephone yesterday, and quite frankly, they feel like it is their responsibility as compassionate human beings to help Lucky. Since they will be giving him away, they want another Samoyed. This one should be younger, be within the size standard (they like big dogs), and get along with cats. Except for the "cat" part, the request should not be too difficult.

Let's help these people find the ideal Samoyed. If anyone deserves it, they do!!! It is a great home, and I know the right dog (or bitch) is out there somewhere. I will even drive it to them myself, if necessary. And considering what they are doing for the California Samoyed, I feel we should be charitable and not charge them an adoption fee for the new animal, once it is found. If you have the ideal candidate and really need the rescue funds, I will pay it out of my own pocket.

There are a great many pet owners in this world who I would like to strangle sometimes. We hear about the horror stories on a daily basis, and it makes us feel powerless, like our efforts are futile. Occasionally, we run across people who truly care. If Heaven holds a place for souls who reach out with compassion and help without hesitation, then these two beautiful people have more than proven they are worthy. And I hope there are Sammies waiting for them, tails wagging, at the "Golden Gates".

Ernest (Jay) McWhorter
Karay Samoyeds
Central Ohio Samoyed Rescue


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Toshka's owners moved away and abandoned her along with a black Chow and a 

red Chow in their backyard without food or water.   A neighbor opened the 

gate and let the dogs run free.  The Chows were hit and killed by cars on a 

nearby highway, but Toshka made it.  She found her way to a woman's house who 

took her in.  She trained Toshka, loved and adored her and even slept with 

her.   Her elderly mother lives with her and was always fussing about hair 

everywhere.  Sooooo, Toshka was reluctantly brought to the shelter. 

Toshka was then adopted from the shelter by a woman who didn't have a clue 

about Samoyeds and had a fit about all the hair.  She was brought to the 

groomer and shaved.  Toshka came down with kennel cough, was too much trouble 

and they didn't want to spend any money on her.  Sooooo, Toshka was brought 

back to the shelter.

Toshka was too ill to stay at the shelter and would infect the other dogs, so 

the Samoyed Rescue of South Texas was called to foster her. She was given 

antibiotics, decongestants and Robatussen every 4 hours.  Toshka was nursed 

for about a week, but stopped eating and wasn't getting better.  She was then 

brought to the Vet for close watch/care where she stayed for 3 days and 

quickly recovered.  

Toshka is really *smart*, quiet, submissive, can sit, lay down, catches 

treats in the air, leash trained, potty trained, likes her crate, rolls over 

when brushed, tries *really hard* to please and loves to snuggle on the 

couch.  Toshka is a truly remarkable dog!  She is very focused, obedient and 


During her recovery families from Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona and 

Pennsylvania inquired about adopting Toshka via Doug Daggett from the Rescue 

Homepage.  After several on-line and phone conversations, the decision was 

made to send her to Pennsylvania.   The Chakan family recently lost their 5 

year old Samoyed due to cancer and wanted another Sammy to fill the void in 

their home.  Carol Brown donated an airline crate, Continental Airlines 

happily agreed to sponsor Toshka's flight and Channel 11 News featured her 

story on the 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM news.   She was sent with a red cushy crate 

mat, matching red collar and lead, food, treats, medical records and her 

favorite toy.  Toshka arrived in Pennsylvania to open arms and is now 

delighting in discovering the beginning of a lifetime of love.

This adoption would not have been possible without the help of many people 

joining together and contributing to rescue.  Thank you for your help, care 

and concern for our wonderful breed.


This story was submitted by Heather Schmidt, Samoyed Rescue of South Texas.

This is a great rescue story of what one man has done to enrich the lives

of rescued Samoyeds and every human that meets them,

Check out their web page.The White Howling Express or T.A.D. Dog Sled Services.

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