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Misc Samoyed Articles

A collection of articles published here over the years,
plus recent additions from other sources.

Why the claims that Amundsen’s lead dog to
the South Pole in 1912 was a Samoyed
(perhaps named Etah) cannot possibly be true

by George Johnson

Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopaedia
circa 1934

Temperature Adaptation in Northern Dogs
by Ted Greenlee

Aboriginal Samoyed Dogs
of the Yamal Peninsula

by Vladimir Beregovoy

Samoyed: The Versatile Beauty
by Kent & Donna Dannen

The Samoyede People
The Nenets
The Nganasans
The Enets
The Dolgans
Traditional Beliefs of the Dolgans

Pictures of the Samoyede
Sledges and Snowshoes
Harness Types
Samoyede Hunters
Samoyede Hunters with Sledge
Samoyede Traveling by Sledge