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About Us

In memory of Greg Newell, a rescue pioneer.

On July 19, 2014, the Samoyed world lost a leader when Greg Newell passed away after a battle with Nodular Melanoma. He was only 61.

Greg was an engineer who started in 1995. When this website first went up, most folks still had never heard of the Internet. There was only a very small audience. The idea of using the internet for Samoyed Rescue was so unique the local CBS affiliate did a feature on it.

Since that time Greg's efforts resulted in hundreds of Samoyeds finding a new home. He hosted countless websites for friends, and was always there when someone needed him. was owned by Greg until 2012, when it passed to Ron Manor. As time passes, more will be added here, but the primary focus will always be Samoyed Rescue. If you have any ideas to improve the website, let us know.

We will continue to be here for any Samoyed who needs help, and we dedicate this site to Greg's memory.

Thanks, Greg.

- Ron