It is recommended that puppies attend a puppy kindergarten/ socialization class where owners are taught how to establish a working relationship with their dogs, and puppies receive important socialization with people and other dogs. Samoyeds and their owners benefit from obedience classes at least through the pup's first year of life. Samoyeds generally want to please a fair and consistent owner and generally are very trainable with voice commands. Harsh training methods are usually not necessary, with a properly bred Samoyed. To find obedience instructors, ask the breeder or a local veterinarian. Many local kennel clubs offer public classes. Another source of instructors is the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors which routinely advertises in dog publications.

Samoyeds can be very vocal, in part due to their unusual intelligence. They should be taught the meaning of "Quiet" and "Settle", for their owners' and neighbors' benefit.

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