"The Legend of Spirirt Dog"

The photo is a still shot from the movie titled "The Legend
of Spirit Dog" It was filmed here in Colorado in 1993 -
orignally for the Discovery Channel.

It was eventually produced and distributed in a limited
area...primarily California....too new age for much of the
country, the backers thought.

Dannens and I provided the sled dog team for the opening
shots....Spirit Dog himself was a wolf/malamute mix and
highly trained. The director wanted the dog team to look
very differnt than Spirit Dog...so the audience would not
think Spirit Dog was a harness dog.

Dannens and I had 15 Samoyeds at the shoot, and kept
rotating them through an eight dog hook up....it took us
eight or nine hours to film, and we were happy for fresh
dogs. The dogs are in hand made leather harnesses, the
Shaman sits in the sled, the Eskimo Boy runs beside, and
Kent Dannen, is driving the team.

In the lead in this photo are littermates, Ch. Tundra Winds
Mtn. Thunder, CD, WSX and Ch. Tundra Winds Glacier Lily,
WSXM. Thunder belongs to Connie, a Glacie belongs to the

We both have copies of the movie on video, but you'll have
to come to Colorado for a viewing.

I wrote an article for the Quarterly about the making of the
movie and what it took for working dogs to comply with
Hollywood's requests!

Connie Rudd
Summit Samoyeds

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